7. Transformer encourages to investigate profound the inner being, and to discover the individual truth. It helps to become free from traditional life’s-concepts, dogmatic rules and dominant influences that were forced upon you by caretakers, teachers etc. By which one has lost himself in thought-structures and destructing world-images formed. The energy of Chochmael helps to gain a total view of the universal laws and become aware of the circle of life. It gives insight and power to see and let go of, when a cycle is on his end. Mary her energy aims for transformation of the energetic potential into curing and feeling talents. She stimulates to develop these and to use them for one-self and the surroundings. She gives protection and activates the willpower to fall back into own energy sources, to break free from difficult or trapping situations. Transformer stimulates the prayer of the heart. Children and adolescents are supported in conquering their fears for the unknown. Are helped to let go of the beloved security and courageous go on a new path, like for instance during new phases at school, moving, sleeping-over, divorce etc. It helps them to become aware of the binding with Mother Earth and the Cosmos and to adapt to the natural flow of life. Works energetically powerful on the Root to the Hearth-Thymus chakras. It stimulates energetically the thymus gland that stands for self-esteem. After anchoring the Earthstar- and Soulstar chakras are being activated.

Introduction 8, Green Ray

During the after-vibrations of the anchoring of the Light grid, the Angel Lemanael appeared. This angel is described in the Jewish Kabala as one of the angels of the Moon. Soon after appeared Ra, the Sun god of our Central Sun accompanied by the Angel Och, an Angel King of the Sun who reigns, we heard, 36.536 Sun-spirits. Angel Och also reigns the Heart. Spiritual growth depends on our involvement, our will to love, how much “heart” we have for something! We know this was going to be an Energy that could break through solid patterns and dark feelings, and give that way clarity and enlightenment in spiritual chaos. This Energy may even activate gold in the aura.

8. Green Ray is a powerful help and aura-protector for them who aren’t good incarnated or grounded. Because one misses the binding with the Cosmos and the Earth one can be sensitive for impressions from the outside by which one can become restless, agitated, pessimistic, overtired and even depressed. Also forms of obsessive-compulsive neurosis can develop from this. Green Ray helps to improve the quality of life and the spiritual health and to give directions to the daily routine. Because of this one learns to listen to the own body, before one becomes ill! The energy combination of Ra and the Angles is accompanying. They accompany to form a unity again between Spirit and body by activating clarity and structure in thinking processes and feelings. So that there can be a relaxing inner harmony who works also vital in a physical way. Mary’s energy helps parents to trust in the inner strength of their children, gives insight when one protects them to much and gives strength to let go, like she let go of her Son! She shows that they should have the chance to learn to go their own path and take responsibility. Within relations one learns to keep his own individuality, be who you really are. She helps to create out of a love-energy the own space and respect, and gives insight that one doesn’t have to be too protective and doesn’t have to protect the other for all the dangers in the world. She shows that one can trust in the other, knowing that he/she can take care of him/herself. Children and adolescents are supported in finding a safe path in their life. To overcome insecurity and fears. To develop their compassion and to suspect nothing of them what they don’t expect from somebody else. To overcome fears and insecurity and inner unrest. Impotence and emotions are transferred into love. By this they become stronger and aren’t tempted anymore by alcohol or drugs use to find their inner light. Makes them aware of their own identity, the I AM, and helps them to take only the good parts from all experiences for their Soul. They also may experience the gold in their aura. Works energetically powerful on the Root to the Sacred chakras. Stimulates energetic the sexual glands, that stand for balance and determination. After anchoring the pituitary gland chakra is activated.

Introduction 9, Inner Light

On August 18th 2002 at 9.51 a.m. the NY40, an unusual big asteroid of about 6000 meter length, at less than 525.900 km with a speed of 21 kilometers per second, skimmed past our planet. Normally passing planets are not bigger than 30 meters! It was for many a fearful and restless time. During this vibration we prepared Inner Light. During preparation appeared a Master with a dark skin, who introduced himself as Afra. He felt wonderful familiar. Afra is the Master who, together with St. Germain, passes on the triple flame to humanity.

9. Inner Light is for all who are on the inside divided, emotional isolated and have a lack of feelings, experience a lack of love and attention, and because of their open-hearth were often disappointed. Because of this they want to much fulfill the needs of their surroundings so that they don’t or insufficient have protection in encounters and their energy flows away. This are facts that can be developed because one grew up in a split family with parents and/or brothers and sisters that often had fights. Inner Light helps to start investigate the subconscious and gives the opening to a new consciousness: self-value, self-assure and self-consciousness! So that one creates intuitive contacts with the fellow man without ignoring oneself. Self-love and Universal love becomes the power by which one gets a hold of the problems in life and relationships. Willpower, courage and self-trust and no fear but self-respect to accept oneself and not being afraid to go an own path. Afra’s energy helps to activate the inner triple flame which stands for the Christ-Light and which develops strength, purification, wisdom, insight and growth. Afra even has the power to activate again the triple flame with those who have lost it by their aggressive behaviour. Afra’s energy gives insight with those who have troubles accepting other races and skin colours. He helps to recognize the similarity between the unity, concerning race, skin colour and religions, so that one can walk the path of brotherhood again. Together with the plutonic forces, which we could establish from the planet position during preparation, Afra activates with Children and adolescents a new consciousness to take the destiny of our planet into their own hands. It gives them insight and power to transform, without aggression but from a love energy, old systems and chare their knowledge from inner peace. Gives them insight in the truth of the techniques that comes to them in life, amongst others via courses concerning transformation and spiritual growth. Helps them to find only useful experiences, so that one knows what one should or shouldn’t do for development. Works energetically powerful on the Root to the Pituitary gland chakras. Stimulates energetically the pituitary gland that stands for the inspector of the spiritual and intellectual brain parts. After anchoring the Hollow Earth Matrix- and Galactic portal chakras are activated.

Introduction 10, Silence

The Full Moon energy of July 24th 2002 caused for several days already a rainbow light that loosened the Light vibrations in our atmosphere. It was a very restless period for many. While we were sitting next to our bowls later that afternoon we felt that our Sun also let go of restless sunspots. This made us receive the first bowl. On www.space.com they said there had been a geomagnetic storm. Lady Master Lady Nada, on of the servants of the Karmic council, who helps to create peace and brotherhood on Earth, was present regularly during several days, both with us and several students. She appeared accompanied by Sadriel, the angel of Order and time. We are the whole Divine world grateful from the bottom of our soul for their help to humanity, but thank Angel Sadriel again for his support. Everybody here on Earth notices that we have to gain balance and mastery in the earthly hours that we get. This is not an easy process! In the next three Energies we prepared along the Giant balm and Coelestene. Coelestrene calms through his soft vibrations the thoughts and helps to develop new ways of thinking and seeing.

10. Silence helps to find the own deeper energy and be oneself, independent from opinions, acknowledging or reactions from others. It gives the energy that is necessary to take on daily tasks and to keep the rest in routines when something doesn’t go fast enough. Silence activates the inner knowledge so that one can find peace during exams, solicitations and practical activities etc. and remembers that his guardian angel is always there when it’s needed most if it is in harmony with the personal Soul-level. Silence supports everybody, but especially people with leading positions. Also over-stressed parents and students. Activates rest so that one can work cautious and is guided by feelings of responsibility. Makes the concentration ability stronger, so that one isn’t dependent on moods of the moments or the daily worries. Lady Nada’s energy gives spiritual support to everybody that has a profession that is dedicated to the well-being of Mother Earth or her inhabitants. Her energy is a balm for the inner Soul-restlessness. She transforms this unrest into the desire of the ego to surrender to the Divine self. Sadriel’s energy gives order and inner peace by which one finds the balance in his tasks so that one creates time to aim for the needs of the inner source. Children and adolescents that can’t cope with crowded surroundings, both in family situations and at school, will feel protected and keep contact with themselves. Silence activates with them a connecting link to their inner source during all activities that are aimed outside. Supports them to finish that what was started from own inner power and peace. Works energetically powerful on the Root- and Spleen-Navel chakras. Stimulates energetically the adrenal glands that stand for inner light and the sexual glands that stand for balance and determination. After anchoring the Epiphysis charka activates.

Introduction 11, Golden Ray

Looking forward to seeing the Sunset we were struck with a deep feeling of respect, intense love and dedication so that we came into a meditation feeling as a preparation to the world meditation to help purifying Mother Earth. We attained in Tibet and could see many battles and wars concerning religions, and also the affect it had in and on our Planet. With pure white Light we also tried to purify these places. There appeared a very powerful energy that introduced himself as the teacher of teachers, Master Maitreya. He let us know that the Light of the True Message to awareness has to be released, that the Light of the Truth will enlighten the Earth and her inhabitants. And he would lay His energy in the next bowl that was received. During preparation also the Angel Arakiel appeared, the power behind the Divine Order.

11. Golden Ray is for all who carry the deep faith and trust in our Creator, to refine themselves in their healing powers to help direct humanity the right path. It helps to see through hidden areas where always comes thought-restlessness from, and lays a connection between being aware and acting and being unaware and acting, so that one can fathom his deepest Being to bring forward hidden qualities from there and bring into productive practice. From this, one can order and support humanity, balanced and from inner rest, without loosing himself by the everyday challenges, and to see the reality as an interaction of energies and recognize causes. Maitreya’s energy releases initiations in the law of energy to free you from earthly psychological expressions. He supports the learning to know yourself so that one can notice His energy is always supportive present, when one helps to transform and cure humanity from his deepest purity. Maitreya shows that the love of our Creator is truly the love of life. Life is truly striving for truth on your path. His energy cleanses till purity to reflect to the fellow man so that one can be the example of the information one passes on. He activates insight in the time one passes in earthly activities and the time one passes in preparation for the Higher Plan. Helps to find a balance in this. Arakiels energy gives insight in penetrating the meaning of life. He activates the energetic potential not to act careless or to fast, but with patience and insight at the right moment. Children and adolescents learn to order their thoughts, so that they can release their worries and the feeling having to control everything, and learn to trust in their feelings and choices. Golden Ray supports them to conquer by creating order inside so that they can remember again what is truly valuable in life. Works energetically powerful on the Root to the Pituitary gland chakras. Stimulates energetically the pituitary gland that stands for inspector of the spiritual and intellectual brain parts. After anchoring the Hollow Earth Matrix and the Galactic portal chakras are activated.

Introduction 12, Devotion

When the Sun forms an opposition aspect with the Moon, its full Moon. Many feel the restlessness in the atmosphere during these vibrations that moreover can influence strongly the body powers and willpower. The Light vibrations and codings from the Rainbow light of this full Moon were mainly based on the activation of self-discipline and willpower from inner rest. Qualities that humanity needs to let the Light exist here on Earth. At 11.00 p.m. Dutch time we connected energetically with all Light workers via the World meditation and from the moonlight appeared Master Sanat Kumara an all-embracing Buddha energy, accompanied by Atuniel, the Angel of the Healing Fire. There came forth a lot of energy from Mother Earth and there was a feeling of Universal Unity.

12. Devotion helps to communicate open and true from the heart. So tensions, restlessness and depressive feelings, which anchored themselves because one was afraid to utter emotions, can flow through. Devotion helps to listen to the voice of the heart in stead of the mind. Out of a love energy one learns to make another one clear what you feel, like and expect. Also one learns to utter his own ideals, thoughts and sayings freely, without being afraid of the own f

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