BOX I, contains 12 stock bottles, number 1 to 12

Introduction 1, Holy Oak

The origin of our three Oak Energies was guided in a very special way.
The last preparing phase I shall describe shortly. During a meditation in which I attuned myself to the oaks Magog and Gog in Glastonbury I got directly from a Light Master who introduced himself as El Morya, the preparing time and date of the first Energy, with the message that I could count on his help and that of the Angel Ezekiel. Very much impressed I went searching for more information on Master El Morya. Try to imagine my reaction when I read that he was King Arthur in an earlier incarnation! With the following three Energies we prepared along the Oak and Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline transforms negative powers inside and around us by means of spiritual energy.

1. Holy Oak helps to express feelings, and to make clear what goes on inside of you. During the preparation of Holy Oak the name Lilith and the words: to control the sexual energy, came to me. After the astrological calculation it turned out that Mars was in a square aspect Lilith. This means that this Energy brings a new solution for old problems that have to do with cruelty, violence, sexual assault and need for sex out of egoism. Holy Oak let these parts flow on a natural way by accepting them, utter them and process them. The next phase, that may awake then is to recognize the full meaning of the deeper Spiritual aspects, to perceive the feelings of the fellow man with clear feeling and intuitively, and to shine like the Light from our Sun, so that one attracts the right people. The energy that El Morya puts into Holy Oak is: Divine Power, your will shall be done, guide my actions, be my thoughts and lead me towards my destination. Because of controversies between the will, the unconscious and the taught behavior one can be deeply unhappy. The emotional world is often off balance and the creative talents stay hidden in the darkness. The energy of El Morya helps to understands what is going on inside of you, the silent powers awake; beautiful gifts like: loving yourself, determination, purposefulness, self-disciple and responsibility. Ezekiel, whose name in Hebrew means strength or power, supports all these aspects with his power! With as an extra complimentary value: strength to learn to say no, where necessary. Strength to release your past. Children and adolescents are being guided to discover themselves, develop talents and to be there from inner strength. Works energetically strong on disturbances of the Root to the Hearth Chakra. Stimulates energetically the thymus gland that stands for self-confidence. After anchoring the Earthstar and Soulstar chakras are activated.

Introduction 2, Thor Energy

At the entrance of the Thor sat a beautiful red cat. He looked the same as our cat at home. This sweet cat walked with us to the foot of the seven spiral formed labyrinth under the Thor where this Energy was prepared. The whole evening this cat stayed on Joanne van Wijgerden her lap. I thought it very special that there was a marvelous flute play until Thor Energy was born, coming from the Thor. When we got up we saw the shadow of a man walking down and the special cat walked back and settled again on the rock beside the entrance of the Thor! During preparation Angel Michael appeared to add certain energies, to help humanity to transform. Later on the prince of Angels came: Metatron. He came walking though the fire to me. Several times I heard the name Enoch. I couldn’t place this at that time; also Joanne couldn’t give an explanation for this. Back home I found in a Jewish encyclopedia a description of Metatron. He seems to have lived on Earth as the prophet Enoch, whose body changed through lightning and thunder into Metatron the liberating Angel, the Shekinah, the negotiator between the Divine world and humanity.

2. Thor Energy supports several (apparently) unfair processes, helps to endure these and not to lower you to methods, pronouncements or actions by which you build again a new piece of negative karma. Thor energy stimulates to create unselfish from the heart, for the fellow man and to feel unconscious the needs of the other, without ignoring yourself. Also it helps to increase the will, and to strengthen the mental disciple. Metatron’s energy activates the awareness of the natural law of cause and effect, so that one can behave responsible and with respect of themselves and fellow man. Metatron’s energy helps to regard life experiences from a higher consciousness, and to look upon these as a developing and strengthening learning process. Because of this anger can transform to friendliness, despair to hope, not understanding to understanding. It helps to purify negative and family karma into positive karma.
Michael supports this with his Light power. One comes to recognize that one has the power to live from the Christ consciousness. The Christ consciousness involves, amongst other things that one becomes aware that one is created after the likeness of the Christ, so that His qualities are also the qualities which one processes as a human being.
Children and adolescents are supported not to loose their balance in karmic learning processes.
Works energetically powerful on the disturbances from the Root to the Solar Plexuschakras. Stimulates energetically the pancreas, which stands for security in thinking. After anchoring the Crown charka is activated.

Introduction 3, Trinity

The origin of Trinity announced itself in a dream that showed me a lake surrounded by trees. In a big oak I saw a light sword, that had split the tree in two and I heard the word “trinity”. Enthusiast my “great helper” Joanne, told me that this was a part of the legend of King Arthur, that took place in Meare. The place where we stayed! While we drove towards Meare a purple ray showed me the way. Despite we ended up in a swampy surrounding, I faithfully followed the purple ray and stood still at three different, winded together trees, which grew together from their trunks. For me this was the symbol of the Trinity. During preparation Angel Raziel and Enoch appeared who made it clear to me that Divine Wisdom will be realized from the sixth dimension. Further investigation, amongst other things from an angel book of Hans Kraak, showed me that Raziel gave al his knowledge to Adam and that finally this knowledge ended up in Enoch’s writing! Enoch gave them to Noah, and it seems that also King Salomon had them in his procession. After this they disappeared and showed up again in the Middle Ages.

3. Trinity is for those where spiritual leadership is asked from. This Energy helps to restore the contact with the Higher Self or to make more profound, and to let the spiritual development flow harmonically together with emotions that obstruct growth. Like fear, suspicion and resistance against the gift to use the media. Trinity helps to become aware of the connection one has with his parents, family, the surroundings and aged structures. It helps to recognize the structure of this bond and let go of when necessary before one can surrender to the spiritual leadership. Fathoms emotions so that one can feel himself deeply connected with all living beings from the Universal love energy. Raziel activates insight to integrate the Universal laws of nature consciously in life, by which one changes into a strong personality, who can make easily and with responsibility, contact with higher dimensions and to pass on this knowledge. With the help of energies from Enoch one learns to remember and tell the symbols, the secret knowledge from his writings. His energy shows that trust and surrender are the keys to all these mysteries. That we become one with the creation plan, and see that all what lives is in evolution and is asked to obey this plan. Only then there can be harmony, order and unity. Children and adolescents are supported with problems that occur by their interests and perceptive abilities, where they are their age group, way ahead with. Helps them to give their pondering thoughts a place and with searching for a deeper knowledge. It protects them for their credulity so that they won’t be the victim of intrigues and intimidation.
It works energetically powerful on disturbances of the Root and Sacred Chakras. And stimulates energetically the genital glands, which stand for balance and determination. After anchoring the Pituitary gland chakra is activated.

Introduction 4, Harmony

The Full Moon Eclipse of May 26th 2002, seemed to us a beautiful vibration to establish, so that the healing gift of this Eclipse of the Moon can transform anchored shadow sides, which are being controlled from the subconscious. As a confirmation the Lady Master Ma Ray and Angel Rafael were present. Ma Ray was also the incarnation Mary, the mother of Jesus. Special to tell is that on the day that I wrote this piece, I got an email from Lia Kluytmans, the manager of the website: Masters of the Light, wherein is being told that Ma Ray worked closely together during all her incarnations, with her twin soul, Archangel Rafael! In the next tree energies we prepared along the Yellow Iris and Selenete. Because of Selenite the consciousness experiences an obvious, pure vibration; the brain is stimulated to work. It activates the light in our thoughts and leads to insights that way.

4. Harmony transforms wounds that came into being because of hurting words, being rejected or misused, both physical and physiological experiences because of which one gets regularly tensions. These conscious experiences, but also the unconscious experiences that are being stored from experiences out of former lives, cause protecting habits by which one stagnates further personality development. Because of this one can have a bad mood and feel irritated so that one acts impulsive, and/or even aggressive. Because of these reactions, contacts with other people are seldom without problems. On the other hand one can feel guilty, and afraid to give in to their feelings, because one feels vulnerable again. Harmony helps to transform all these shadow sides that incline to this behavior and various moods. It shows insight by which one is disturbed the most so that one can form a realistic self image, to receive inner harmony. The energy of Ma Ray, as Lady Master of the karmic council, gives mercy for all impulsive regretted acts. One notices that one doesn’t have to feel guilty anymore. It gives insight in the Divine Plan, and helps to purify the personality, so that one can receive the Christ consciousness. The energy of Rafael improves insight in the communication ability and helps to increase the mental power of self control. His orange energy of Mercury works strengthening on the nerves system, so that there is peace in the chaotic thinking. For children and adolescents a beautiful energy to develop Universal love and compassion. Definitely supportive with ADHD, helps them not to choose anymore for pronouncement where they later on feel sorry about. Comforts cry-babies. Harmony works heart warming. Works energetically powerful on disturbances of the Root- to the Pituitary chakras. Stimulates energetically the pituitary, that stands for clear thinking and the pancreas, which stands for security in thinking. After anchoring the Whale Matrix- and Christ-consciousness chakras are activated.

Introduction 5, Crystalclear

During the Full Moon Eclipse of this day, there was also a worldwide Light grid anchoring. World wide there was send Light to where there’s darkness. Therefore it didn’t surprise us that one of the Kabala Angels Uriel, a mighty and powerful presence, who is capable of reflecting the inconceivable clarity of the source, joined us. Uriel is known as the keeper of the symbols of the Divine laws, as a guide and messenger for humanity concerning finding the Divine truth. He accompanied a, for us already familiar Lady Master, Quan Yin. We ask her more often for help during a deepening workshop concerning the purification of karmic aspects. She is the Feminine Master of Mercy, and works together with St. Germaine from the purple ray.

5. Crystalclear is a loving reflecting energy, that develops, via relations and mutual activities, a self-confident, individual personality. One can during contacts with others, see the own personality more clearly. Because of this one can contact the other more open. Via this reflecting energy one learns to see how one is in relation to his environment and shapes this. Quan Yin her energy activates the transformation of anchored feelings, in the form of caused pain and anger, to forgiveness. She helps to use the emotional world intuitively so that one can give a place and interpret all impulses and situations that come from fellow-man, by which one can see all fairly. Her energy creates a feeling of release, so that one can move spiritual free and pass on his own infinite gift to love on to the surroundings. Uriel helps to gain mastery over the Solar Plexus, by which one can cooperate in brotherhood, without justice or discrimination.
So one can improve the qualities of life from unity and peace, both from him and the other one. He lets shine his Light energy in the conscious, so that all disharmony on the spiritual level can transform to nothing less than the Christ consciousness. Children and adolescents are supported in their intuition to feel their surroundings and contacts with others. The mirroring effect activates energy during the contacts with both contemporaries and adult authorities. Because of this, spiritual and energetical communication with the other one becomes a source for their personal development and other opinions can be respected. Crystalclear works energetically powerful on the Root to the Neck/Chin chakras. Stimulates energetic the thyroids and parathyroid, that stand for perseverance. After anchoring the Dolphin Matrix- and higher Star gate chakras are activated.

Introduction 6, Inner Secrets

During the Eclipse an enormous big male energy appeared, and the name Maha Chohan sounded through us. We were very impressed by this silent, impressing Master. We instantly felt that the Light that resonated around us purified all layers of our being. He was accompanied by the Angel Atuniel, the angel of the order that works with the purifying flame for purifying, amongst others, virtuousness.

6. Inner Secrets is for everybody who feels intuitively moods of his surroundings, but cannot place it yet. It helps to balance the inner source, because one doesn’t reason everything out mentally, to gain new powers and insights and to alert reaction in daily life. Inner Secrets stimulates to feel what is yours and which pieces belong to somebody else. So that one can react quickly in every situation. It supports ordering thoughts that went leading a life of their own, by which one can deal with and let go of emotional stress situations, hectic nerves, restless feelings, situations that use up power reserves, quickly. The energy of Atuniel activates new insights so that creative ideas and spiritual talents can develop by optimism and self-esteem. The gained talents can be send collective for the Higher Plan. The energy of Maha Cohan loosens the inner teacher that helps to purify all layers of the being, and to absorb the feminine energy harmonical in the personality. This Master energy supports contemplation periods and meditation techniques, because his Light frequencies awake higher conscious energy and is able to anchor this in the personality. It helps to become an individual being with own needs. When necessary, one can break free of the own structure so that one can melt together with something that is bigger and more universal than the ego. Children and adolescents are supported to develop from the inner strength and with self discipline an interest to develop them further. Forms of inpatient are replaced by learning to relax. Concentration lost, day dreaming and unbalanced thoughts transform to self discipline, from an inner pleasant feeling, by which they can join life from their own reflection. Works energetically powerful on the Root to the Milt-Navel chakras. Stimulates energetically the adrenal glands that stand for inner light. After anchoring the epiphysis charka is activated.

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