BOX II, contains 12 stock bottles, number 13 to 24

Introduction 13, Eclips 2002

Our Earth bathes continuously in a flow of cosmic radiance. A Solar Eclipse interrupts this flow and gives disturbances to those spots where the Eclipse is visible.
This is tangible for all that lives. Panic and fear are perceptible amongst animals, some flowers close and night creatures awake. The power of a Solar Eclipse frees knowledge from the subconscious and integrates this knowledge in the conscious. The light of the self-conscious memory is temporarily overshadowed by the subconscious. What normally is hidden from us comes to the surface. The Eclipse of 4 December 2002 occurred during extra-ordinary planet positions. Sagittarius was on 11 degrees, 58 minutes from the tropical Zodiac. Sagittarius is the sign for truth and the Higher Self and gives the opportunity for mind- expending.
The Beta-star that ruled the Eclipse was Draco. The characteristic of this powerful star is, that it brings the mysterious snake power (the Kundalini energy) to the head. This is an impulse for enlightenment. During preparation of the coming four, very spiritual new eclipse Energies, we were accompanied by special intelligences. Energies from Alceo, Sabatin and Ra, a crowd of Angels, Babaji and Yogananda and even Melchizedek. Obvious is that this Eclipse helps to prevent inner “ disasters” on the path to spiritual consciousness. In Eclipse 2002 we prepared along Chamomile and Mountain Crystal. Crystal shows the way to recognition and brings clarity in thinking, it strengthens the intuition.

13. Eclips 2002 is strongly focused on the further development of those who are very sensitive, but not yet able to cope with the impressions of the outer world.
It protects, so that one doesn’t give in to illusions and dreams, or following unconditionally the teachings of others. It activates the self-confidence, stability and insight to cope with the challenges of life without major problems.
Eclips 2002 helps to repair the contact with the higher Self and to feed this contact permanent. It creates purity and honesty in relation with yourself, hidden qualities will be developed more and more purely, so that one can persevere in his own spiritual mission. The energies of Ra, Sabatin, Alceo and the Angels, activate a big potential of unselfishness, compassion and deep insight in the human being and spiritual powers to form one and the surroundings.
Their energy awakens the instinct and the inner teacher, who chose to support others in spiritual and emotional situations. Qualities to recognize the heavy responsibility that’s the Soul choice: transformation of men. Children and adolescents experience Eclips 2002 as a layer of protection, insight in which acts come from within and which were arouse by other ones expectations. Strengthens the contact with the own source. Works energetically powerful on the Root to the Sacred Chakra’s. Stimulates energetically the genital organs that stand for balance and determination. After anchoring the pituitary gland chakra is activated.

Introduction 14, Alceo

During preparation we came to know Alceo better. He let us know that he had a great relationship with Dionysus and a number of Asian Gods. They symbolize death and resurrection of the cycle of nature. His energy represented in earlier times the unity with nature and the supernatural.
He tried in his life as Dionysus, to show humanity a way to the return to the perfect existence of his being, a state of original purity and united with his Divine Self. From the same energy he supports humanity at this time.

14. Alceo supports everybody who’s experiencing a disunity within, everybody who doesn’t understand his behaviour and is not happy in his task to help transform old structures here on Earth to the Higher Plan. He stimulates to feel and express purely situations from his youth, by which one comes to understand and recognize himself and others essentially.
He stimulates to learn to live from the feeling, with self- discipline enter his task and carry the matching responsibility. He helps to come to understand instinctively that the Earthly Life is a flow of chances, to learn to develop fast skills, and to adapt oneself herein.
Alceo’s energy activates the cooperation between the left- and right hemisphere, so that one can let go of his created identity and absorb sensible vibrations coming from humanity. He helps to do instinctively the right thing and to connect himself with all life forms, so that one can experience all-embracing Love and transfer this in Love for the fellow man. One becomes aware of negative characteristics that disturb the balance for others. Because of this consciousness one can distinguish relationships with others at a high human level. Alceo’s energy is a homecoming. One acts from rest, peace, Light and most of all Love. Children and adolescents, who are unmanageable in the family or in the community, because they are no understood in their task, may remember that their task can also be performed in love. Alceo softens behaviour patterns with ADHD. He activates their inner strength, so that social structures can never break them during the performance of their task. Works energetically powerful on the Root up until the Epiphysis chakra’s. Stimulates energetically the epiphysis that stands for clear thinking. After anchoring the Whale Matrix- and Christ consciousness chakra’s are activated.

Introduction 15, Master Energy

During the preparation of our third Eclipse Energy, the Masters Babaji and Yogananda accompanied us. Babaji was familiar, but the introduction to Yogananda was again subtle prepared during our three-day stay with our friend Giri Prins.
Directly the first night I took the book: “The autobiography of a Yogi” in my hands. Giri reacted with: this is the book that I advised you to read. This was my first introduction with Yogananda. During the preparation, Babaji and Yogananda showed us images, where they walked hand in hand and fed each other by, I think, putting bread in each others mouth. Symbolic images that we couldn’t place yet. Of course it became clear to us that here was a form of 1 combined energy, which was supplementary. Later, after telling this story to Lia Kluytmans, we heard from her that Babaji gave the message to Yogananda to bring the Krya Yoga to the Western world. A form of Yoga to self-realization!

15. Master Energy is for light workers, therapists and everybody that strives to support mankind in their Soul-battle to unity. It helps to bundle the own strengths in order to achieve a certain goal and to persevere in planning on the longer term. It supports to be oriented to the outside and to come easily to your vocabulary. One can see how beautiful everything is guided and discover that everything cones to you when the time is there. Helps you to relax and to stay in contact with yourself in moments when the outside pressure is to high. So that on is able to choose consciously for a relationship, to choose whether to have children or not for the development of your own individuality. The combined energies of Babaji and Yogananda help to melt together on a Soul level the ego and the feeling of togetherness. They help to convert the naiveté for Gurus into a correct understanding of some bodies qualities, and also to learn to filtrate out of the gigantic amount of information new Age information.
They activate love for all that is, the talent to serve as a pioneer and the courage to pass on initiations.
They make it possible that one attracts like-minded people, who are also helping to prepare humanity for the big change. Children and adolescents are also supported on a practical area, because they can tune themselves in. They come to understand that the earthly growth is a matte that takes time that one cannot create from the mind just now. They come to understand that one has to take certain steps to achieve something, that one needs money to buy something, etc. They are supported to maintain their inner light and to bring it outside. Works energetically powerful on the Root- up to and including the Neck-Chin Chakras. Stimulates energetically the thyroid gland and the parathyroid glands, which stand for perseverance. After embedding the Dolphin Matrix- and Star gate chakras are activated.

Introduction 16, Moonlight

Meanwhile Orion, the Pleiades (in the neck of the Taurus), the Andromeda and many other stars are glittering around a new Moon. A beautiful combination of frequencies that support humanity to be perceptive for higher vibrations without physical aggravation. During preparation we were accompanied by Melchizedek. An energy that I was allowed to meet for the first time in a meditation group where I participated in 1997. Melchizedek feels for me as the energy of Jesus. Except for the futuristic views that I may receive, nourishes Melchizedek us with the same lessons that Jesus tried to pass on to humanity here on Earth.

16. Moonlight is a very purifying Energy. It activates regeneration- and transformation forces, both physically and mentally. One comes to understand the principles of the transformation- and evolution process, so that one can transform this understanding to help himself and humanity. Moonlight repairs the inner knowing. By inner communication one comes to know what one wants to know. A big potential of energies is transformed into action, willpower and perseverance. This Energy activates a connection between thinking and practice. And it helps to gain the finishing touch in the last phase of his development.
The energy of Melchizedek supports the search for spiritual truth and the meaning of life. His energy guides to the deepest of being where one can find his healing powers. It activates hidden wisdom, the Universal consciousness, and helps to develop this wisdom further and apply it for him and others.
It protects to be able to keep the own sovereignty and independence. It leads to unknown paths where one meets own Soul qualities, shows the right way and supports to be able to follow these with purity and dignity. Children and adolescents are supported to finish started business, which is unfinished because of a lack of intellect. Moonlight activates self-discipline at mental work and is, amongst others, a beautiful support during study- and exam periods. Works energetically powerful on the Root up until the Spleen-Navel chakra. Stimulates energetically the genitally glands that stand for balance and determination. After embedding the Epiphysis chakra is activated.

Introduction 17, Consciousness

The year 2002 went kind of synchronistic concerning the world meditations and the full Moon appearances. There was, amongst others, on the 21st of September 2002 a gathering where even the Dalai Lama connected with all that wanted to create from the hearth, curing for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Around noon we could accept our first bowl of the coming 4 Energies. During preparation we were strengthened by Master Sananda, a teacher that once incarnated on Earth as Jesus Christ, to prove, amongst others to humanity that also in the flesh one can endure all tests. Also Angel Asriel appeared, who devotes himself to transformation for all of humanity. In Consciousness we prepared along the Bush Heather and Thulit. Thulit because it stimulates the realization of deeper longings and life’s challenges.

17. Consciousness supports to cope with dramatic experiences, see these more from a distant and integrate these more positively in the personality, so that one can recognize the hidden connections, that are on the base of life. It stimulates a strong will and a high potential of power that promote the personal growth and consciousness. It develops a deep compassion, amongst others, at guides in the health professions, teachers, parents and all those who come in contact with help questions, so that they can say no without losing themselves and can see every situation objective. Asriëls energy helps to accept and to be able to function independently from rest and the own inner source. To stay in contact with his own Higher Self and his dreams. Sananda activates the Akasha memory, so that one can remember oneself. He gives insights to tap new subtle power sources from the Universe, by which one gains the consciousness that contribute to all opportunities to self-knowledge. Self-knowledge and spiritual powers one will come to recognize accept and use. One sees that this is a must for choosing the right life-path. Healing powers won’t be hidden anymore. Sananda’s energy stimulates to be an example, so that humanity can see there is someone before them with inner peace. Someone that can show what life means, when it is lived in consciousness and unity with the Cosmos. With Children and adolescents Consciousness speeds up dealing processes. It helps them to create their self-curing abilities from the heart. Gives peace from their own deeper source, so that they dare to draw their own line lovingly, and dare to strive for a world of peace and like-mindedness. Works energetically powerful on the Root to the Epiphysis chakra’s. Stimulates energetic powerful the epiphysis that stands for clear thinking and the thymus gland that stands for perseverance. After embedding the Whale Matrix- and Christ consciousness chakra’s are being activated.

Introduction 18, Inner Sun

It seemed like Asriel planned on staying with us, while we were waiting to accept another bowl. The warmth and the Light-rays of Father Sun became more and more powerful and the familiar energy of Ra, the Sun god of our Central Sun joined us. We knew instantly that our perception “ being enlightened” would also resonate in the Energy. In Inner Sun we prepared along the Bush Heather and Thulit. Thulit because it stimulates the realization of deeper longings and life-challenges.

18. Inner Sun is a powerful support for a everybody that curbs himself in his own personality development. Certainly with those who feed themselves with bitter memories from the past. Inner Sun shows during periods of depression that it’s often not the problems that make life heavy to bear, but more the way that they are dealt with. Inner Sun activates insight and convictions that one clings to out of emotional insecurity. He stimulates to let inner processes come to the surface and to change old structures within and the surroundings. He supports the own ability to be creative with this in stead of keep looking for all kinds of forms of assistance, or maybe even looking for a way in addictive (flight) means. He learns that the truth is sometimes outside oneself and the other time within. Asriël stimulates to break down the wall that one build, and to show the face behind the mask. The energy of Ra transforms well all characteristics by which one comes in conflict with ones own Sun-energy. Ra stimulates to go for self-realization and to put in the own energy to fulfill duties and tasks satisfactory for oneself and the other, without ignoring oneself. By this the spiritual and energetically communication with other people becomes a life-source. After someone gains mastery over his qualities, Ra activates a big sensibility and sensitivity. Because of this one can inspire other people and finally the opportunity exists to have control over clairvoyance. One has than access to dimensions that are not accessible for everybody yet. Children and adolescents are stimulated by Inner Sun to transfer them, inner conflicts into positive energy. It protects against illusions and deceptions and gives a powerful connection with Mother Earth, without losing the contact with the Cosmos. It helps to make good contacts, without letting yourself being misused by someone else. Works energetically powerful on the Root until the Spleen-Navel Chakra’s. Stimulates energetically the genital organs that stand for balance and determination and the adrenal glands that stand for inner light. After embedding the Epiphysis chakra is being activated.

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