BOX III, contains 12 stock bottles, number 25 to 36

Introduction 25, Purple Ray

On the 9th February 2003 at 6.00 pm Dutch time, hundreds of thousands of people joined together with the peace-activist James Twyman, to create a worldwide peace. Not manipulating from the power of mind, but from the creative power that develops from the love-energy, that manifests itself from the heart. After the meditation many felt clearly the Light-love field activated on earth.
We were allowed to commit these light vibrations, with the help of Master Lady Nada, the representative of Love and the Angel Ariel who stimulates the psychic awakening.
In this Energy we have prepared along Snowdrops and the Herkimer diamond. The Herkimer diamond strengthens the feeling of self-esteem and the trust to start all over again.

25. Purple Ray helps to accept and let go of, emotions and pain of the Soul, which are caused by grief, anger or disappointment. One can think about the situation that caused this and process it. Purple Ray shows that one has to be faithful to the own way without efface one. Shows that clinging to emotions blocks life wisdom, life’s insights and practical earthly knowledge. Purple Ray shows mentally, emotionally and spiritually insight in oneself. Because of this one finds back the inner way, so that one can enjoy life. It activates inner peace and the insight that one always comes out stronger out of difficult situations. Lets you understand that life experiences help to develop a strong personality. Purple Ray works supportive for everybody who sees it as a call to lighten the “suffering of the world”, amongst others our health workers, which often carry silently the suffering with them. Purple Ray helps them to maintain themselves in this work and to deal with the grief. It supports persons who have to take decisions in order to do their job or from their position, that are not understood and appreciated by the outer world or family members. Ariel gives strength to surround all problems with love and light. Lady Nada’s energy shows you that love is the basic thought in the Universe during all problems. She activates the inner light to heal in love and peace ones inner wounds. She makes difficulties flow through so that one doesn’t get stuck and again blocks himself in his development. Children and adolescents will not allow themselves to keep feeling the Soul pain, Soul eager. Also earthly developed pain, grief and anger can be let go of, so that space is created to integrate security, trust, inner peace and love.
Works energetically powerful on the root and up until the solar plexus chakras. Stimulates energetically the sexual glands that stand for a well-balanced state of mind and determination and the pancreas that stands for security in thinking.
After anchoring the crown charka is being activated.

Introduction 26, Violet Ray

The call of the Cosmos doesn’t pay attention to time! That way, Mark and I could prepare an Energy in the very early morning of 04-04-02, from the vibrations caused by Ikeya Zhang. At 04.33 this comet traveled very visible in The Netherlands and was for a moment in one line with the half moon. Soon after, under the constellation of Andromeda and with the help of the Master St. Germaine and the Engel Zadkiel, servants of the purple ray, we could receive the bowl. In Violet Ray we prepared along the Common Dog Violet and the Amethyst. De Amethyst activates light in unclear problems and enlightens insights during transformation to the spiritual awareness.

26. Violet Ray activates personal growth and awareness: I dare to be, I’m looking great! It supports persons that are shy and daren’t to utter themselves out of insecurity or fear to be hurt. Moreover Violet Ray supports persons who carry along unnecessary feelings of guilt, by which one is inhibited to show inner processes. Violet Ray helps to feel at home and to adapt in groups, relationships, with classmates and work colleagues. It makes regarding life as positive and feels sympathy for all life forms, so that one is more open and has a positive radiance to meet the surroundings. It helps to maintain relationships without the need to strive for being loved and accepted. It encourages not to follow the herd but on the contrary to follow his path out of self-trust and independence. Zadkiels energy shows the world community as a challenge and helps to communicate from the inner knowing. His energy gives a deeper insight in the nature of men, so that one can come in contact easier and be relaxed in relationships. St. Germaine’s energy transforms old patterns that obstruct the awareness-process. He activates the power and the longing to conquer these earthly obstructions, so that one can create space for the development of the new self. He activates his all-purifying Violet Flame, so that one dares to step forth out of inner harmony, balance and connected to one, knowing that his deeds are special. He gives insight in the own sensitivity, so that on can become to see the linking with his spiritual development. The energy of St. Germaine assists also all persons that are in front of groups professionally or appear in public. It helps children and adolescents not to be intimidated again. It lets transform the little revolutionary and helps to let go of shyness and to be come well grounded on the own feet. Works energetically powerful on the root up until the heart/Thymus chakras. Stimulates energetically the pancreas that stands for clear thinking and the adrenal glands that stand for self-confidence. After anchoring the Earthstar- and Soul star chakras are being activated.

Introduction 27, Crystal Light

02-02-02 was an important cosmic date, the very first Universal celebration of the Light. The 22nd day after the activation of the Crystalline-energies that were send from the Central Sun to Earth. This is an energy that clears the way for the crystalline children to be born. These new incarnations will help to raise the collective vibration of humanity. They carry along a basic knowledge, a higher evolutionary energy which humanity doesn’t possess yet. Their ability to love and unity-consciousness is above the common known earthly understanding. Days beforehand we were regularly surrounded by Master Sananda who lived once on earth as our example Jesus. He spoke during preparation the words: “ Search yourself, not who you became to be, but the Light being in yourself.” Angel Gabriel, the announcer and guide of Souls who are going to be born or go back to their destination, accompanied Sananda. In Crystal Light we prepared along the blossom of the Hazel and Jade. Jade activates joy and peace till the core of the Soul and refreshes the emotional life and supports meditation techniques.

27. Crystal Light stimulates a completely new insight in the development of your own being. It brings insights and clarity concerning choices, the profession one has and his social development. It protects and supports to close one of from which is happening around him and to let go the earthly worries. Crystal Light activates a peaceful meditating effect, so that one can cope with the “having” and performance pressure of this world. . It works very strong on the thinking and brings up hidden talents, insights, and helps to maintain these and to develop them. Gabriel’s energy helps to tune into the life-force energy that flows around the Earth. It protects for oversensitivity during awakening Higher Light-coding and during the moon cycles. Sananda’s energy frees an energy that searches for eons his path so that it can re-establish his connection with the Higher. It helps to avoid that one acts against his intuition. Sananda supports the intuition to be able to distinguish between the inner voices or the principle needs form the ego. It helps to find the inner centre and to anchor the higher vibrations coming from the Cosmos. It activates insight and the power of discernment in those parts where one has to take things into account during his life planning. Children and adolescents and especially Indigo-, Star-, Crystalline- and highly gifted children, that are often refused and not understood in their talents and in their being, are being supported in their biggest fear which they experience as a lack of love. Crystal Light helps them to stay in their own centre. To dare to be who they are. Works energetically powerful on the Root up until the Sacred chakras. Stimulates energetically the genital organs that stand for balance and determination and the adrenal glands that stand for inner light. After anchoring the pituitary chakra is being activated.

Introduction 28, Infinite Love

The blossom of the Hazel ogled already for days again. The day before February 17th 2003 it became clear to us that we cold prepare an Energy in the early morning hours. It was very special to see the full Moon and the just arose Sun opposite of each other in the sky. There was a special vibration and once again Master Sananda and the Angel Gabriël were there. In Infinite Love we prepared along the Chrysocolle together with the blossom of the Hazel. Chrysocolle brings us closer to feelings such as calmness, tolerance and peace. It promotes the sensitivity and strengthens the intuition.

28. Infinite Love protects so that one doesn’t focus more on the well being of others than on the own well being. It gives parents of crybabies the insight, that these help their parents to discover the line for caring for someone else. Infinite Love helps to show how one can care for someone else and simultaneously knows from the own border that one has done enough, so that one can look at the own needs again. It prevents that one fulfills all needs and questions from the surroundings right away. Infinite Love helps to let go of the old foundation and start all over again. It lets recognize that one through taught habits and effacing oneself, others determine his life-path. It gives strength to dare to deal with the self-confrontation, and to break habits that are obstructing for being himself.
It stimulates to dare to look further, helps to let go of the tensions that came into being by thinking this way and to feel that one is now occupied positively.
Infinite Love shows clarity in the longer life’s line and increases the processes in life. It helps to teach people how to “scan” better and listen between the words. Gabriel strengthens the female side of the personality, the right hemisphere, to feel and experience subtle feeling which one can’t analyze. The energy of Sananda activates the needed power of discernment to think about his life’s-path. It activates the necessary rest in the inner being to be as honest as possible to one. It helps to experience self-consciousness, without doubt, out of a strong bond with himself, Mother Earth and the Cosmos. Also one can experience the contact with others as purely as possible. Children and adolescents and “cry” babies are being helped to balance all emotions that obstruct their own personal and spiritual development. Infinite Love helps to transform their short-temperedness and anger to experience what inner freedom is. It gives the strength to break through older structures out of a love-energy, to prepare the pathway for a better and freer life in a more humane society. Works energetically powerful on the Root up until the Heart/Thymus chakras. Stimulates energetically the pancreas, which stands for security in thinking and the adrenal glands, which stand for balance and determination and the thymus gland, which stands for self-confidence. After anchoring the Earthstar- and Soul star chakras are being activated.

Introduction 29, Life Energy

During the world healing of 03-03-03 from 03.33 AM, people prayed 24 hours long for the healing of Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Also they asked for Divine Wisdom for all world leaders and an oath was made by millions of Light-workers to take responsibility to co-create peace, Universal love and healing of humanity. Present was Master Padre Pio, a Master who was, during life, very dedicated to his God-consciousness and possessed mastery over his physical and ethereal body. He appears currently with many who tune their lives into the Christ consciousness, to convince them that they must keep on hoping and trusting, that there is power in their prayers.
Also appeared the Angel Suriel. He let us know, that as long as humanity can’t listen to animals or his own feelings, he will be one of the angels who assists humanity to reduce the affects of the earthly disasters. In Life Energy we prepared along the blossom of the Alder tree and Smoke Quartz. Smoke quartz challenges to take responsibility for his life and accepts positive thought patterns.

29. Life Energy helps to transform survival structures, by which one, amongst others, works as a loner, gives all his energy to his work, relationship or someone else. To transform ways if thinking, like feeling to strong committed, set his own standards to high or be absorbed by self imposed duties, into new ways of thinking. Life Energy comforts those who are lonely “inside” and cannot experience a certain warmth and security because of these survival structures. It shows warmth and the recognition of the good intension of others, so that one can come in contact easier with fellow man and communicate. Shows that by dividing his energy differently one has more time for himself. Life Energy activates new life energy and insight, stimulates to use this for his own development. Gives insight in unhealthy relationships and helps to break off dragging connections and relationships one cannot let go of. He works strengthening with farewells in processes like divorce, death of a loved one, a growing dement parent or children that leave home. The energy of Padre Pio helps to find the purity and perfection inside for the development of the consciousness, and with more openness and a relaxing energy experience the world more colorful. After one has experienced his own healing, intuitively he activates an understanding for the physical well-being and the related emotions to help humanity. Children and adolescents learn not to rush themselves to prevent little accidents for instance bumping themselves often. Life Energy helps them to be honest, patient and controlled, and to distinguish between good and evil. It prevents them to react hypersensitive to good meant criticism. Works energetically powerful on the Root up until the spleen/Navel chakras. Stimulates energetically the sexual organs, which stand for balance and determination, and the adrenal glands that stand for inner light. After embedding the Epiphysis chakra is being activated.

Introduction 30, Blue Ray

Energetical peaks are fall and spring changes, and then there are portal openings to the Dolphin matrix layer in Mother Earth. Because of this one has the possibility to tune into the qualities of these beautiful animals. Common known are their communicative and intuitive abilities, their helpfulness and unity in gathering. By tuning into the usual world meditation, this year at the 20th March 2003, at 8.00 PM, rise the water molecules vibrations in Mother Earth and in the physical body, that both consist for 70% out of water. The world meditations originate from the thought to create worldwide a peaceful society in unity. Afterwards it didn’t surprise us that there was a gathering of Master energies during preparation of this Energy. The Masters present were: El Morya, Kuthumi, Sananda en St. Germaine, accompanied by the Angel Michael. Also for us this was a very special experience! In Blue Ray we prepared along the opening leaves of the Poplar, Red Granite and Kunzite. Granite promotes self-confidence and joy of life, Kunzite supports to persevere in his goals and tasks, helps to not avoid problems.

30. Blue Ray gives insight in conflicts that coming from the mind obstruct development. It stimulates strongly the left- and right hemisphere, by which one learns to control the “thinking” and balance themselves.
The will-element “ I want to change my life”, is encouraged by this through own insights. It gives insight in fears present now, coming from ways of thinking, this way one doesn’t get contact with his feelings. It stimulates to see, that when one stimulates the own free will and life-vision where one came here on earth with, the inner fire often denied by others, one is protected forever. Blue Ray stimulates to learn to know his own motives and to shape this into an own life-vision and to act from this vision. Because of this one can say in joy: This is Me, here I life by!” The energy of El Morya activates the power to listen to his Higher will, this way the Higher Plan becomes clear. It transforms the lower ego into self-wanted discipline. Sananda’s energy activates the cosmic order, to reveal all his activities going from the Higher will. The energy of Kuthumi activates qualities like patience, inner calmness, clear insights and intuition, by which spiritual ignorance and human opinions about oneself and others can transform into a Higher Knowing. St. Germaine’s energy activates superior qualities, the longing to surrender the lower ego to the inner Divine Self, by which one can be an example from loyalty, respect and Universal love and loyalty. Michael confirms all these aspects from his Light force. Children and adolescents are being assisted in these “will” aspects. Moreover Blue Ray repairs energetically all Light bodies, by which they are protected from outside influences. Works energetically powerful on the Root up until the Epiphysis chakra. Stimulates energetically the epiphysis that stands for clear thinking. After embedding the Earth Heart crystal- and the Central Sun chakras are being activated.

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